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Arthur Robinson, II has been a prominent musician for over 30 years. As a piano player, he has accompanied many professional artists. Over the past 20 years, Arthur has written and produced music for various forms of media, which include film, television, gaming and social media platforms. Arthur’s musical background has led him to a fulfilling career as a piano instructor. As a musical educator, Arthur has created workshops where students can come and not only gain more knowledge with their instrument but also connect with other educators who teach various instruments.

Arthur’s most notable accomplishment was being featured as the music director, organist, and keyboard player on the Colorado Mass Choir album, “God’s Got It” in 1999. Arthur was also the pianist on Verity Records, “The Real Meaning of Christmas” in 2003 featuring the Colorado Mass Choir with guest soloist and renowned gospel artist Fred Hammond.


Arthur graduated in August 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in music production with an emphasis on writing, producing and scoring for film and television. Arthur also completed his Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology in 2015. With his IDT Masters Degree, he wanted to implement his creativity in designing methods to get best outcome of training and education in the music field.

Currently, Arthur is writing and producing for artists as he continues to pursue his career in scoring for picture and film. As Arthur lends his talents to the music and film industry, he has also written a music theory book for beginners.